Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Relevant Business Technology Solutions virtually connects your computers to free up server space, expand bandwidth and secure an IP address while providing scalable solutions.

Adding Flexibility to Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service uses the cloud to virtualize your systems and streamline your capabilities. Instead of buying or leasing your data center, we host your infrastructure virtually. By only paying for the resources you use, you get everything you need without the expensive operating and maintenance costs. From your CPU and RAM to your hard disks, we’ll quickly transfer your storage space and confidential data to ensure your performance is optimized and downtime, minimized. Plus, we’ll proactively monitor your infrastructure to ensure your business is safe and efficient.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

Reduces Downtime
Boosts Productivity
Improves Availability
Lowers Costs
Expands Communications
Monitors 24/7

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